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My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry. I’m also currently working with a big supermarket to develop a gorgeous, yet affordable, range of beautifully printed key pieces that no women’s wardrobe should be without!

[tlg_headings alignment= »left » spacing= »mb40″ title= »Education »][tlg_timeline][tlg_timeline_content datetime= »2012/03/14 16:47″ icon= »ti-vector » title= »Diploma High School, San Antonio » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″]Majored in general education.[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content datetime= »2014/03/18 16:47″ icon= »ti-receipt » title= »University of Illinois » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″]Majored in design interaction education.[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content datetime= »2016/04/06 16:47″ icon= »ti-user » title= »University of Design Master » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″]Majored in architecture education.[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content datetime= »2017/02/15 16:47″ icon= »ti-world » title= »Intern learning in USA » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″]Distribute to clients and investors, both current and potential.[/tlg_timeline_content][/tlg_timeline]
[tlg_headings alignment= »left » spacing= »mb40″ title= »Experience »][tlg_timeline][tlg_timeline_content style= »image » icon= »ti-desktop » title= »Frontend designer in MMA Design » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″ image= »7743″]I believe that analysis of your company and your customers is key in responding effective.[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content style= »image » icon= »ti-bookmark-alt » title= »Content design in Bond News » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″ image= »7742″]We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas within teams of business.[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content style= »image » icon= »ti-panel » title= »R&D team leader at W Development » icon_color= »#49c5b6″ icon_color_hover= »#333″ image= »7740″]Whether you require large banners and posters to promote your company or some require  more subtle large letter heads.[/tlg_timeline_content][/tlg_timeline]
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[tlg_accordion style= »accordion-style-1 accordion-auto-close »][tlg_accordion_content title= »Multiple Services » icon= »ti-layers »]Torquent lacinia elementum sodales facilisis eleifend ultricies neque ipsum litora, habitasse euismod vel ut egestas viverra at suspendisse ut tristique, donec fusce nisi venenatis aptent vitae libero taciti sodales.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title= »Professional Skills » icon= »ti-map »]Auctor sem ultrices laoreet sagittis massa maecenas quisque lacinia leo lobortis, sem curae quisque donec etiam integer est ultrices curabitur, sociosqu feugiat nisi metus varius.[/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title= »5-stars rating feedback » icon= »ti-import »]Torquent lacinia elementum sodales facilisis eleifend ultricies neque ipsum litora, habitasse euismod vel ut egestas viverra at suspendisse ut tristique, donec fusce nisi venenatis aptent vitae.[/tlg_accordion_content][/tlg_accordion]
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To see a selection of my designs and sketches, which is how all my best designs start, take a look at my portfolio page.

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